We selected our collection of high-quality frames to reflect the latest in eyewear fashion.
Whatever your age, budget or eyewear needs, we will have something for you!
Versace is one of the world’s most iconic luxury fashion houses. It is for those who desire a modern and glamorous style that combines sophistication and sex appeal. This line is the epitome of sensual glamour, sexy and empowering; a true symbol of Italian luxury. This collection combines technical innovation with distinctive visual details.
Dior eyewear is a fashion-forward collection. The Dior brand has been a steady and uncompromising leader in style. The Dior eyeglasses collection, is big, bold and highly distinctive. Dior offer contemporary styling fused with classic designs. With the integration of Swarovski crystals into many Dior frames, this collection truly sparkles.
Tiffany standards have been the measure of excellence in fine jewelry. The Tiffany eyewear collection is defined by the rich beauty and classic icons of the world's most sought after jewelry brand. Famous icons including the T&Co logo and the heart tag bracelet charm are featured in fun and spirited styles. The "Tiffany Star" shines on select temples.
Prada represents the best of Italian culture and tradition. It is created for fashion trendsetters who appreciate style and product innovation. The 'must-have' status symbol in contemporary fashion PRADA eyewear and sunwear reflect the hallmark styling of this world-renowned fashion leader: Innovative design. Strict attention to technological research. A masterpiece of authenticity in every frame.
The CAVIAR Collection® has become synonymous with trimmed and exotic eyewear, bold and sweeping temple treatments, special products such as genuine exotic wood, larger-than-usual sizing, evening wear beyond compare and a collection of innovative designs "par excellence" which you, the patient cannot find elsewhere. The CAVIAR name stands at the head of the fashion/quality line.
The Gucci name evokes high fashion. One of the most renowned brands in eyewear, the Gucci collection offer a range of models aimed at combining style and sophisticated needs, all characterized by Gucci's style and unmistakable iconic elements. GUCCI incorporates a vintage yet contemporary feel, with the unmistakable icons that made GUCCI a luxury leader.
vera wang
Designer Vera Wang, known for her nonchalant approach to style and luxury, is a unique voice in fashion. From the cover of Vogue to the Oscars to the Olympics, the style of Vera Wang is embraced by many of the world's most influential and fashionable women. These women continue to look to the designer for their most important events and public appearances with luxurious detailing.
Bvlgari is a brand of extraordinary quality renowned for jewels, watches, perfumes and luxury. Bvlgari feature bold and elegant styling and represents one of the industry's most exclusive brands of eyewear with emphasis on contemporary design, unique styles and precious details. Bvlgari is designed for high income, distinctive people who seek the finest quality and the highest quality materials.
The Coach Eyewear Collection is based on the fundamental principles of distinctive American style and enduring quality. The collections provide clean, modern shapes with classic styling and proprietary Coach treatments. With bold, wearable colorations and innovative temple design elements, the collection offers eyewear for both new and loyal Coach customers alike.
At MODO they are driven by a passion for finding the optimal balance of form and function. Inspired by the precision of architecture, Modo eyeglass frames combine lightness and strength with structure and fluidity. By merging innovative materials, new technologies and purist designs, Modo eyeglass frames offer you unparalleled lightness and lasting quality with contemporary lifestyle fashions.
Swissflex is known for its advanced rimless concept in eyewear: barely there rims and no-frame styles ranging from conservative to cutting edge. The customizable, versatile, and stylish frame line includes a variety of rimless glasses, and sunwear that combines a lightweight high tech polymer (HTP) material with a highly evolved mounting system. SwissFlex is noted for its geometric design that incorporates screwless, hingeless, flexible temples.
CAZAL is a unique part of an individual personal identity. From Berlin to New York and from Tokyo to Paris, the brand focuses on people with an upscale lifestyle who appreciate Cazal as a small, fine global brand which always meets the highest standards while also introducing surprising features. Cazal Designer Eyeglass frames are created by the internationally renowned eyewear designer Cari Zalloni and his professional design team.
The savoir faire, craftsmanship and innovation skills have always distinguished Fendi, These features are highlighted and fully transferred to the eyewear collection, created for a sophisticated, feminine and elegant woman, with a strong personality. Precious materials, refined details, daring color combinations for a distinctive look, feminine and versatile.
The Jimmy Choo eyewear collection with understated distinctiveness, creates exclusive fashion that is both luxurious and practical for all occasions. The brand has developed the unparalleled capacity to present innovative and fresh styles while simultaneously maintaining the classic elegance, beauty and sexiness with which the Jimmy Choo name is synonymous.
D & G Dolce & Cabbana
A fashion leader among movie stars and celebrities worldwide, the D& G  individual knows how to draw the most out of life, viewing fashion as an expression of their personality and lifestyle. Dolce & Gabbana shapes for women are sensual and feminine. Precious and refined details add elegance and style to the exclusive use of textures and colors.
hogo boss
Hugo Boss eyeglasses eyewear represent the masculine, sporty style of a cosmopolitan success orientated personality and encompasses all key fashion areas. The eyewear frames combine clear lines, distinctive shapes and authentic character with high quality materials and innovative Hugo Boss technology for perfection.
Exceptional aesthetic often arises from the combination of two opposing poles. Silhouette eyewear has succeeded in mastering this art. Achieving unparalleled lightness through inner strength, remain true to oneself and to constantly set new impulses. These timeless designs meets the need with this unique eyewear.
ray ban
The world's most popular name in sunglasses and eyeglasses. Timeless, authentic, and genuine, the Ray-Ban collection remains true to its classic heritage, while continuously evolving to meet today's fashion demands. From Hollywood to small-town, Ray-Ban is recognized as the sunglass brand that America loves.
In your everyday life, you are surrounded by brilliance. See it. Patented and color-infused, Mauii Jim's PolarizedPlus©2 lens technology gives you a world of color you didn't know existed and starts by starts by vanquishing the glare. This amazing technology is now available in frames for the educated and fashion conscience consumer who want beautiful high fashion sunglasses.
Carrera is a pioneer of design and outstanding quality. The finest athletes choose only the finest products and that is why Carrera is the brand of the champions where technology, performance and design play a decisive role. Carrera proudly embodies the culture of Italian eyewear. Every Carrera frame is a statement about aesthetics and the impeccable craftsmanship that ensures a perfect fit.
Nike has become a leader in the sportswear industry and one of the world's largest brands. Nike Vision eyewear brings the same inspiration and innovation to athletes with product that helps them See Sport Better. Product is developed for each category of sport within Nike, which are sport inspired and for the athlete in everyone, from lifestyle sunglasses to ophthalmic frames.
Oakley meets the demands of professional athletes and offers the industry's best protection from the sun or flying objects. Get a clear view wherever the world takes you. Experience Oakley Sunglasses. Oakley eyeglasses offer style for every desire wrapped in the technology of every need. From the office to any playing surface, a prescription or non-prescription for everywhere in between.
Because of its young, style conscious demographic, it's important that Converse Eyewear stays current with fashion trends, but also stays true to some of the more classic elements of the Converse brand that have made it desirable for so many years. Converse was there from the start, constantly rethinking, tweaking and perfecting- creating innovations that influenced the way sports were played.
juicy couture
Juicy Couture eyeglasses eyewear for women offer looks, precision, functionality and innovation for today's modern woman. Stylish Juicy Couture eyeglasses eyewear feature frames with appealing fashion designs. Couture eyewear crosses over the traditional boundaries of design with style by blending rectangular geometry with curvy accents. Juicy Couture eyewear is 'statement' eyewear.
tom ford
Tom Ford's innovative and provocative designs have set the tone for an entirely new direction in the world of luxury. In 2000 Ford took creative control of Yves Saint Laurent, a Gucci brand, reviving it with his combination of sensuality and mystique. In April 2005, after leaving the Gucci Group, he announced the creation of the highly respected and successful TOM FORD Brand.
The heritage of the French lifestyle, the celebration of Parisian Elegance together with technical knowledge, and the use of high quality materials, is the essence of Lafont. Having a passion for high quality, fashions and finishes, with high precision, the frames use rich acetates and pure metals. Far from the world of mass-market products, Lafont is a top designer of unique and stylish frames 
Brilliance in dazzle and the essence of glamour with Swarovski crystals. Trend-setting celebrities are among bebe's fashionable clientele. The bebe woman is strong, sexy and stylish. The bebe radiates confidence and she always reflect the trends of the moment complemented with high fashion eyewear. The signature look reveals a hip, sophisticated and conscious fashion and playful woman. 
 The OGI frame collection is a sophisticated neoclassical collection that distills the essence of timeless eyewear design with a modern twist. This optical collection offers men's and women's styles of the highest quality and distinctive design that reflect OGI's dedication to modern, timeless and distictive designs all with innovative, high quality comfortable materials. 
The VANNI brand represents Italian style and design to the world of eyewear. VANNI is a trend-setter of taste, an innovator in constructional technique and an unceasing pursuer of enhanced quality and comfort. Enthusiasm for the tiny detail that can spark off a major project. VANNI collections look beneath mere appearances to the deeper substance of materials, harmony among shapes.  
Enduring, luxurious and widely appealing to men and women of all ages, Burberry reinterprets the tradition of classic British style in a modern and dynamic way. Luxury with a distinct British Sensibility. Burberry's worldwide popularity spans the generations and the genders. Burberry today balances classic and modern design, making this a brand with everlasting appeal with bold shapes.
Jaguar’s customer base is known for a contemporary lifestyle, with a modern to classic approach to fashion. The JAGUAR collection specializes in catering to the "Executive Man". Jaguar specializes in designing both large sized, stylish models as well as sportier designs perfect for the young professional. Each model features outstanding detailing and quality, and desirable colors and shapes that embody the sleek design of the world-class autos. 
The only luxury eyewear collection for men. Porsche Design eyewear and sunglasses are styled in a Sporty, masculine style with special attention to perfect comfort in wear and refinment in a elegant style.  Porsche Design Eyewear is truly unique. Fundamental, but not decorative. Not just perfectly designed, but engineered. Luxury is a result of the sheer purity. Each object is reduced to its essential function, and from that a clear linear shape is derived.  
oliver peoples
Who made the frame worn by the star in that movie? Chances are they were by Oliver Peoples. Oliver Peoples designer frames are popular with celebrities. These alarmingly hip frames adorn the faces of all your favorite movies and personalities. There's a look for everyone in this collection, from beautifully detailed antique to modern minimalist.  Each frame is handcrafted using the finest materials with careful attention to detail.
Flexon frames feature technologically advanced memory metal in the bridge and/or temples allowing them to be flexed, bent or twisted and return to their original shape. Flexon frames are more durable, lightweight and more resistant than conventional metals which allows you to confidently embrace every challenge without disappointment. Flexon style and flexibility are unique.  
saint laurent
Sophisticated and highly sought-after, Saint Laurent sunglasses and frames brings together elements of the very latest men's and ladies' fashiom. With timeless sources of inspiration to mirror the exquisitely refined personality of the French design house, Yves Saint Laurent earns it's status as a leader in Fashion. The design range is innovative, with the use of details and enhanced by the interplay of color. 
Kate Spade is a brand that is culturally curious, intellectually alive, and glowing with irresistible allure. Express your own personal style with incandescent charm and a dash of rebellion. Kate Spade frames are inspired by chic, timeless icons of style, and feature curvy, colorful, soft, feminine, and petite details. Choose your look with signature temple treatments and iconic color accents.
BCBG is French for "Bon Chic, Bon Genre", which translates to, "Good Style, Good Attitude." A mix of spectacular materials and innovative designs - from the modern and elegant to the bold and fashion forward. BCBG Eyewear defines global trends combining European sophistication and American spirit. Guided by a sensibility that reflects a strong European heritage, it also has an LA style infusion.
bobb ibrown
"Being a makeup artist, I’ve always been aware of how glasses can transform the face and want to take the mystery out of how to choose the right glasses." -Bobbi Brown. Her  designer eyewear collection  is for women who know how to select frames that enhance their natural beauty and complement their skin tones and personal style. Today, Bobbi Brown remains one of the world’s most celebrated beauty experts.
The collection's varied shapes possess truly flattering designs. Impossible to miss is the lovely and inimitable temple detailing on each frame topped off by exquisite endpiece designs. Rich Austrian Swarovksi Crystal accents and a variety of vibrant colors enhance the intricate detailing of all models. Italian made and designed, Diva Eyewear represents the industry’s finest in luxury eyewear. 
The Helium Paris collection combines adventurous French design with fine Italian craftsmanship. With an aim to combine Italian craftsmanship, nostalgic memories and modern desires, the Helium collection is a mix of Italian creativity with an eclectic touch of bohemian chic. Helium is pure and very true to it's heritage, something very personal, with a unique expression of style.
Kio Yamato frames have clean lines and an artistic balance unmatched in optical fashion. The name says it all. "Kio Yamato" is not a person's name.  Kio translates as "pure and clean" and Yamato is a province with the description "The Great Peace." Kio Yamato frames have clean lines and an artistic balance. This beautiful relaxing frame line is a blend of artistic and philosophic influences throughout time.
paul smith spectacles
The Paul Smith Spectacles collection combines the whimsical yet classic designs and attention to detail synonymous with Paul Smith. Paul Smith eyewear frames are handcrafted with the finest materials and the designs are precisely engineered to be comfortable to wear. The Paul Smith Spectacles collection roots are English, reflecting the forms and shapes inspired by 1960's and 70's London.
The Sospiri collection represents Ottica Veneta’s signature luxury line of optical and sun wear. From the mountains of northeastern Italy’s Veneto region, Sospiri was inspired as a tribute to the Venetian maestros of old and those craftsmen who follow the same artisanal methods today. Through a rich intertwining of elegance and innovation, Sospiri frames are defined by their superior use of Swarovski crystals, light metals, Italian acetates and unique artistic embellishments.
O & X new york
What does O&X stand for? That's O&X as in "out" and "exposed" because this collection of  eyeglasses and sunglasses is designed for self-expression as well as for comfortable, durable wear. With an O&X frame, your personality comes "out" and is "exposed" by your frame selection-its material, color, and design. O&X New York eyewear is a blend of opposites: simplicity and luxury, traditional sophistication and up-to-the-minute style, bold and graceful elements. These are frames for passionate people who love life.
la matta
Creativity, intuition, innovation are synonymous with La Matta eye glass frames. Animal prints and colors inspired by the wild. La Matta Eyewear express the personality and allure of the modern women. La Matta stands out in the eyewear market for its constant pursuit of innovation. Known for excess, sensuality, energy and unconventional colors and shapes, La Matta stans our from the crowd as you will too when wearing a La Matta frame to accessorize your outfit.
René Lacoste revolutionized tennis sportswear and fashion overall in one fell swoop. He redesigned the traditional long sleeve starched shirts and replaced them with a short sleeved ribbed collar shirt which is now a standard. The new Eyewear Collection reflects the Lacoste lifestyle proposition, encompassing elegance, refinement and comfort as well as a dedication to quality and innovation.   
This frame line is the choice of royalty since 1923. It is endlessly creative, always evolving with the mood of the times. The Salvatore Ferragamo collection offers a timeless tradition of originality and great attention to detail and reflects the epitome of high fashion. It is a masterpiece of quality and design. The innovative use of Swarovski crystals and the "gancino" motif highlights this legendary and unique collection.
liberty sport rec specs
Rec Specs is the world's leading brand of protective eyewear and is designed specifically for sports. Rec Specs are tested to withstand the ASTM F803 impact resistant standards for racquetball, basketball, handball, squash, paddleball, and tennis when fitted with 3mm polycarbonate lenses. Other Rec Specs designs provide use during activities in the water and winter sports.

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